Why Terra Cotta Tile?

French Reclaimed Terra Cotta Tile Flooring

French Reclaimed Terra Cotta Tile Flooring

Why Terra Cotta Tile Flooring?  For Pavé Tile,  it is the foundation of their company, the passion behind their work, the appreciation that in today's age - entire floors are still made by hand - one-by-one - using techniques from hundreds of years ago. 

It is  feeling and touching the surface of the terra cotta tile after it's been fired in wood-burning kilns.  It's seeing the color variation - subtle and elegant  -  making each piece unique.  It's walking upon the tiles,  knowing the varying undulations of their surfaces was due to a skilled artisan hand-molding the clay.  It's knowing that these are floors meant to be used - meant to be walked upon - only becoming more beautiful over time as it ages with unsurpassed patina.  Organic in nature, made up of 100% natural clay from deposits the earth gives us - using olive pits and branches as fuel for their hot fires, knowing only skilled artisans are capable of hand-molding various sizes to such precision - it is simply a work of art and time standing still.  How we love European terra cotta tile flooring.

How frustrating it is for Pavé Tile to hear so many misnomers of this glorious product - that once installed - will last generations.  However, too many have had experience or have heard about terra cotta tile in a less than attractive light.  Not all terra cotta tiles are the same - just like cars - the quality of the product can vary tremendously.   Pavé Tile only works with and sells quality European terra cotta tile.  The manufacturing of this product means hand-molding the clay, an extensive drying time, then a firing up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit for over a 3-day period in wood-burning kilns that are constantly controlled and tested for the right temperatures.  The control of the kilns and their high temperatures will mean a high-quality tile, less porous and beautiful color variation.  Once installed, these terra cotta tile floors will simply patina over the years and last for generations.  Maintenance is to use the floor - more kids, more dogs, more family gatherings  means the terra cotta floor will age beautifully.  Wear it well!

Aside from the beauty and quality of European terra cotta tile flooring, the benefits of living with this floor are excellent.  Warm and leathery underfoot, it's a product used for passive solar heat and a perfect choice over radiant heat.  And finally, a good installation will ensure a very low maintenance floor lasting for generations.