For those building or renovating their home, the opportunity should not be missed to design with François or Emmi using their exclusive products in their by-appointment only showroom.  As a fine artist, Emmi uses the rules of tone and value when designing.  With their edited palette of French Limestones imported direct from the quarries, combined with their own bespoke pre-finished oak flooring, aged and hand decorated hand made terra cotta tiles, and their new wall divison called Historic Decorative Tile, the dream home of European elegance is achieved.   Working in tones of grays, creams, whites, or blacks - Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc. and Historic Decorative Tile have all the surfaces one needs to complete a simply stunning old world European aesthetic.

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Hi Francois,

 I thought you would like to see these of the house.  I think it looks amazing!  More photos are coming, but this is the first batch. Will send others if they highlight the floor or wood ceilings. 



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February 15, 2016

Hand made terra cotta tile that is wood fired is an art. There are many regions around the world who have been practicing this art for centuries. Each region has it's own standards of beauty and quality. Pavé's St. Tropez Collection from France is our standard of beauty. The quality is unsurpassed. How can one tell? Observe the tight grout line. This can only be achieved when using a high fired, wood molded to perfection, well calibrated hand made terra cotta tile. Those large grout lines that are seen so often with other terra cotta tile installations are due to the need to make a flat floor. The installer is forced to open up the grout joint to make the floor level for the tile is extremely irregular in thickness and perimeter.

Thank you to our client in Long Beach, CA for the following testimonial: "We love our floor. It's amazing how warm it is unlike some other tile and stone floors. The floor looks fantastic."

And hat's off to Jerry Anaya of Anaya Construction for such a quality installation.

To see the full collection, click here.

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Dear François and Pavé Tile,

Lisa and I want to tell you what a pleasure it has been to do business with you and Pavé Tile & Stone, Inc.  Working with our Architect and our Designer, we quickly landed on the flooring concept.  We wanted antique or reproduction floor elements reminiscent of the floors in the villas that we have visited during our trips to Northern Italy.  After extensive research, it was clear the the St. Tropez Terra Cotta Tile Collection was the terra cotta that was going to give us the look we envisioned.  Our house is almost done now.  The floors are in, the tinted plaster is done, the cabinetmaker is almost done, the decorative painting is as well.  Our house is coming together just as we envisioned it, and the floors are a big factor.  There is a wonderful warm patina to these floors - we love them!  That they are practical as well - (they are great with radiant heat,) and we know that they will hold up to all the traffic of our family, friends and animals is key as well.

In addition, I commend you on your business ethic.  You delivered exactly what we wanted, on time and on budget.  The samples came on time.  You quoted a fair price and executed at that price without any hidden expense.  You arranged the shipping and executed on time and without incident.  The product delivered was exactly as the sample.  All our questions (including GC, architects and designer) were met with a clear and prompt reply.

At the end of the day, you delivered a great value, a beautiful product, and great support - all with no pain and no surprises.

Thank you, Francois!


Richard M. and Lisa C.              

Lyme, New Hampshire

Smith and Vansant Architects, Norwich Vermont

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Rick Wells of Denver, Colorado built a beautiful home as showcased in Colorado Homes Magazine.  Installing Pavé Tile's St. Tropez Hand Made Terra Cotta Tile Collection - Rick achieves pure elegance with a beautiful harmony of vintage and modern elements in his kitchen, living and downstairs bath.

Jack Arnold Architects
7310 South Yale
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74136

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"We are so grateful to Pavé Tile for our gorgeous kitchen floors.  François and Emmi are wonderful to work with.  They patiently answered all of our questions, helped us find the warm tones we were looking for and made sure that we understood how to properly install and care for our antique tiles.  We love knowing that we are truly walking on history as we gather in our family kitchen."

Tracey, Chevy Chase, MA

Click here to see Pavé Tile's entire selection of French Reclaimed Terra Cotta Tiles.


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"It is not simply the product itself, which is truly unique, but also the degree of support provided by François that has been so great.  In addition to the tile, Pavé provided all of the materials necessary to achieve the antiqued look we sought.  Perhpas most importantly, François also gave me the instruction needed to ensure the quality of the installation.  François insisted on walking through the process with me over the phone.  He was always prompt in answering any questions and patient with my queries.   Of course, the bottom line is the finished product and we couldn't be more pleased with a floor that is both timeless in its look and will outlast us and our home.  I imagine a hundred years from now Pavé will be reclaiming this tile.  My wife and I wanted the look of antique terra cotta tile for our new home.  The only options we were able to find were various types of Mexican Saltillo and reclaimed tile from Europe.  The saltillo tile, while nice, lacked the European look we were after.   Reclaimed tile was beautiful; however, it presented a number of challenges due to the weight of the product and requirement that it be set in a fairly thick mortar bed.   We were about to give up when we came across Pavé Tile's hand made terra cotta collections.  After ordering several samples, we realized that this was the best of both worlds.  It could be installed just like regular tile, but still had the Old World hand made look and feel.  Needless to say, we are now enjoying our "antique" terra cotta floors from Pavé.

Brooks Johnson, North Carolina

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The floor turned out great.  We have had many compliments.  No tiles were broken.  Thanks for a beautiful floor. I know we will enjoy it for a lifetime.


Vincent Culotta, homeowner

Alpine, Alabama

(Installation of Pavé's St. Tropez French Terra Cotta Tile 9x9 and decorative navette)

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Skip Sheffield is the owner of Sheffield Construction Company, Inc. He holds a Florida Class A certified general contractor’s license, which is the highest class of license available to builders in Florida. He is licensed to build any structure of any type or height in any county in the State of Florida. Skip also holds a Florida Real Estate Brokers license, which is maintained in an inactive status. Integrity, experience, knowledge, responsible management, and good design are hallmarks of Skip’s business operations and ideals. www.sheffieldconstructionco.com

Testamonial via e-mail conversation on May 26, 2010 from Skip Sheffield of Sheffield Construction and potential new client:

"Hello, My name is Jerry.... I have been communicating with François at Pavé Tile in Massachusetts. I asked for a reference..."                                                                                 

"Jerry...Francois honored everything. He did exactly what he said he would when he said he would. We bought several tiles from him for the project, both inside and out... There was no problem with shipping and all the tile arrived on time and in good condition. I believe he shipped a little too much of one tile and not enough of another. He discoverd the mistake before we did and immediatly shipped out another pallet with no charge. I thought he honored his commitment to us both in the sale and follow up advice as well as anyone can. He continues to answer any questions over a year later regarding the products and is a great guy to deal with. Great product, Great service, Great guy. I would not hesitate to do it again.  If you have any further questions, give me a call.  ...Glad to work with you....it is such a pleasure to deal with honest people of integrity."

Skip Sheffield

"We love our unique floor from Pavé Tile.  We chose the Farmhouse Provençal to fit our 1891 farmhouse in Denver, CO.  Visitors to our house think it's an original old-world floor.  Dealing with François was very easy, everything was on time and he gave us tips on installing and sealing the floor, which we did ourselves.  The floor is very durable, easy to care for and beautiful.  Thanks, François!"

Jana Miller & Martin Ruble, Denver, CO

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We want to thank the Scanlon Family for sending us their installation photos of Pavé's Cuisine de Monet for their kitchen backspalsh.  Being super creative, they installed the Decos The Garden and Petals on the diagonal using a checkerboard pattern.  Beautiful!  To see the complete line and more installations, click here.

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Testimonial October 6, 2015: " François, The floor is installed. It looks fantastic, at least as good as promised. I have not seen its like in Oklahoma City. Our contractor, Angie, made a great choice when she picked your company and Josh gave us an excellent installation. It's refreshing and inspiring to see unqiue and artistic craftsmanship like yours in these modern, cookie-cutter times. Someone commented that the floor has an older feel to it even though it is obviously brand new. It definitely has a warm, inviting feel. The warm colors and shading in the wood grain are wonderful. It even feels good to walk on - makes you want to take your shoes off. Thank you so much for our beautiful floors. Best wishes to you and yours, Tripp S."

Go to: http://www.pavetile.com/detail.php?xsid=6&xpid=35 to see entire Aged Oak Flooring Collection called Provence Ancienne.

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Dear François,

My clients in Palo Alto, California were so thrilled with the beautiful terra cotta tiles we purchased from you in 2010 for their Master Bathroom...We knew we would be calling you again for when the kitchen remodel was underway!  The house just finished completion at the end of 2011/beginning 2012 and we couldn't be happier with the results.  The authenticity and quality of Pavé Tile helped us achieve the exact look we were after for the Tuscan-inspired home.

We were very pleased with your attentive customer service and timely shipping.

I would gladly recommend your product & company to any other design colleague.

Thank you so much,

Sarah Ray-Fay

S. Ray Design

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Dear Francois, 

Following are pictures of the new floor which turned out even more beautiful than we had hoped. The St. Tropez hexagon tiles are perfect, and give us the antique European look that we were going for. For anyone wanting an old world feel for their home, these are perfect! 

Many thanks for the time you spent on the phone with our contractor throughout the installation process. Your tiles arrived in perfect condition - even sooner than we anticipated - and the result as you can see is fantastic. 

Sincerely,  Tim and Ann

"The first word I would use is FANTASTIC!!! We first discovered Pavé Tile on the internet. After looking for Italian style tile on hundreds of web sites we thought Pavé to have the best selection and most styles to chose from. After reviewing the site multi times I picked up the phone and spoke with François directly about the tile. We live in Michigan and wanted to use some of the Cotswold Encaustic Collection for exterior use and the Tuscan Villa Arezzo for interior use. So I had lots of questions on exterior durability (freezing temperatures) and interior care and maintenance. After our discussion I ordered multi samples, (color shading and texture was important to us) and François responded quickly to my request and we had all the samples in just a couple of days. He had everything in stock. The samples looked great...we loved the fact that they were hand made tiles. We have three exterior patio/pareterre's and lots of corridor and special rooms with Pavé Tile. If I had another project tomorrow, François would be my first and only call. Deliver of the real order was exactly as he said, the quality of the material was as adverstised...NO problems anywhere along the journey. He even had my whole order in stock and we ordered a lot of tile. The final product looked fabulous...we are thrilled we selected Pavé Tile. I have never met François, all of our discussions have been by internet, phone, FEDEX and fax. Ask him any question, even technical type questions about the product and he responds quickly and accurately."

Satisfied Customer in Michigan

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Here is a testimonial from this photo that blended beautifully European and American aesthetics in this classic cherry cabinet kitchen using the Oak Leaf Compass and Scroll Border:

Bonjour Francois! My husband and I are
really enjoying our beautiful and unique new floors. As you can see, they turned out beautifully!

I took these photos on my I-pad. My cabinetmaker had some taken professionally and those pictures are featured on the houzz.com website. My designer will also be having professional photos taken but has not yet done so because we are still finishing up.

Hope all is well!


click images to enlarge

Good Morning Denise,

I received your contact info from François Micallef of Pavé Tile.  We are considering purchasing a significant amount of an antique French tile for a project in Santa Barbara and would greatly appreciate your sharing your company's experience doing business with Pavé Tile.

Specifically, was the product reflective of what was presented, delivered within the time frame promised, and was the product delivered in good condition?

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

David Farrell - Giffin & Crane General Contractors, Inc. Santa Barbara, CA


Good Morning David,

I would highly recommend using Pavé Tile. Was are based in Naples, Florida.  Our client provided us Pavé Tile information for their area that required 680 sq ft.  They decided to select Mirambeau French Reclaimed 8 x14 paver (it is very unique).  François and Pavé Tile were a pleasure to work with.  He provided me with pricing, photos and paver samples in a timely manner and worked with us on the quick delivery time frame.  We ordered the pavers which were in stock on a Thursday and it arrived freight truck on Monday or Tuesday.  The pavers were not damaged and on pallets.  He had sent me a picture of the exact pavers that were being delivered so we knew they were packaged properly and they were the correct style and color.  We as well as the clients are very happy and would recommend Pavé Tile to others without a doubt.  His suggestions and recommendations are true and genuine.  I called him at least 3 times a week prior to placing the order since our client changed their mind a few times. He was very patient and was willing to work with us to make our client happy.

I hope you decide to use them as we are very happy and content with their product an will definitely use for future projects.

If you should have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at (239) 643-1004

Have a great day,

Best Regards,

Denise Wong

BCB Homes - BCBHOMES.com -  Naples, Florida

Hi François,

My floor is installed, sealed and waxed.  I love it.  The house looks like it was built around the floor. It's just so different!  I appreciate availability and all your help during the process.

Thank you so much. 

Kind Regards,