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19th Century Vienna Italian Marble Flooring™

Vienna, growing from a Roman settlement to an important trading site in the 11th century - it eventually became the capital of the Austrian Habsburgs. The House of Habsburg, or the House of Austria, was one of the most important aristocratic royal houses of Europe. This family pushed Vienna into becoming one of Europe's most important cultural hubs during the 19th century. Within the city, one often sees from cafés to fine municipal buildings to chateaux, a classic black and white floor. This floor defines elegance for Pavé Tile. An ethereal white, time worn octagon is paired beautifully with a nero patina cabochon. The pattern of this floor, originating from Greek Antiquity, will forever be timeless - bringing a soft elegance into the home.

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19th Century Old Vienna Italian Marble Flooring
19th Century Old Vienna Italian Marble Flooring


A by-appointment only Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc. showroom will soon open 3 hours from NYC, 2 hours from Boston, 1.5 hours from Greenwich, 1 hour from the Brimfield Antique Show ( and 1 hour from the Berskhires and Tanglewood (  Located in the fabulous Pioneer Valley, a quintessential artist, music lover and foodie town surrounded by the mountains and fertile valleys of Western New England.

Why this Floor:  This floor, as seen throughout Western European from Greece and Rome to France and Vienna, is truly an old world elegant floor with rich history and pure timelessness.

Sizes and Thickness:  8" octagon with 3" x 3" cabochon.  Thickness: 5/8".

Color and Texture:  Ethereal white with ghost gray veining.  An outer worldly texture - smooth, translucent, aged with extraordinary patina.

Product Usage:  Interior and exterior, commercial and residential application.  Installation installations included upon purchase of the floor.  From kitchens and baths to entry ways and dining rooms, a timeless classic.

Installation and Maintenance:  Thin-set installation.  Wash with warm water and mild soap.  No maintenance.  Like French terra cotta tile flooring and French Limestone flooring, the 19th Century Old  Vienna Italian Marble Flooring will become more beautiful with age.

Special Features:  The traditional smaller size of this floor and shape creates pattern and interest to the eye.  The black and white muted tones are in fact, a neutral that is a lovely, discrete backdrop for other elements in the home.

Coordinates with:  There is nothing more classic, gorgeous, historic and lovely than to pair Pavé's Old Vienna Italian marble flooring with Pavé's 17th Century Antiqued Delft Tile.  Timeless perfection.