10 Reasons to Choose Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone


Provence Ancienne Vintage Wide Plank French Oak Flooring™

What makes Pavé's pre-finished French oak wood flooring stand out from the rest? First, we use only wide-plank French Oak for it's hardness and cathedral grain. Second, after two years of testing various European finishing techniques and a few tricks learned along the way, François has developed pre-finished wood floors that have the texture and color variation of reclaimed flooring. The quality is unsurpassed and the visual beauty of these floors speak for themselves.


We are the Artists and the Manufacturers

If you had to understand Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc. quickly - compared to our competitors - we are the artists and the manufacturers behind all our collections. The collections we design - original and authentically our own - using European hand made terra cotta tile and wide-plank French oak as our canvas - cannot be sourced else where. We reinterpret historical designs throughout Western Europe and the Middle East - and understand the beauty of classical materials when mixed with modern decor.


A Passion for Blue and White Decorative Tile

Cultures around the world have been creating blue and white decorative tile since the discovery of firing glaze on cooked clay. Blue and white tile is clean and reads neutral. Painting from the original designs of Monet's kitchen in Giverny was a pleasure and I am finishing up 4 more series of Delft Tile to add to our 17th Century Antique Delft Tile Collection. In our Maison de Tunisie Wall Collection - the designs are moresque and offered in blue and white as well as 7 other colors. Soon to come...The Montmartre and On the Road to Florence Wall Tile Collections.


Direct Source

In business since 2000, Pavé Tile & Stone, Inc. imports French Reclaimed Terra Cotta Tile, Reclaimed and Antiqued French & Jerusalem Limestone including 18th Century Reclaimed Dalle de Bourgogne and Reclaimed French Oak Wide-Plank Flooring. Their close relationship with the factories throughout France, Italy, Spain and Israel allows them to deliver the highest quality product and professional service at excellent pricing.


Trusted Source for European Building Materials

When searching for French Reclaimed Terra Cotta Tile, French Limestone Pavers, Dalle de Bourgogne or French Reclaimed Oak Floors - it helps to have a trusted guide to source these products. On a daily basis, François is in contact on Skype with all these suppliers throughout France procuring lots, reviewing the material, speaking shall we say - "Frère to Frère" (Brother to Brother) in his native country, making sure his clients will receive the best material that France has to offer.


European Terra Cotta Tile Will Be Reclaimed in 100 Years

Build to last. That's a European philosophy - proven when you cross the pond. Edifices and homes 400 years old still standing tall. It's the French Reclaimed Terra Cotta Tile that builders seek. Why? The traditions and manufacturing processes to make hand made European terra cotta tile creates a tile with strength, quality and beauty. Installed over thinset on a concrete slab, tight grout lines, and a surface texture that will just patina more over time...this is why we only use European clay for our tile collections.


Keeping it Stateside

There is no doubt that the convenience, quality control, and ETA is improved when building materials are made stateside. Keeping everything under one roof, albeit the actual European terra cotta tile and wide French oak planks, we are able to develop and manufacture all our decorative flooring, decorative wall tile and vintage wide plank oak planks in our Massachusetts facility...bringing the value and piece of mind to our clients.


French Oak Wide Plank Flooring

The common thread of all things France leads Pavé Tile, Wood and Stone, Inc. to offer authentic French Oak flooring. We use only French oak that we age and pre-finish into a matte texture with color variances resembling that of reclaimed wood floors. Renowned for its beautiful grain, elegant knots, hardness and durability, French oak is the regal choice for floors that will inspire sacred living - creating a sanctuary of organic beauty in your home.


French Limestone Flooring

Business is about relationships and it's these close relationships that separate a good business from a great one. A shared French culture and a trust among brothers, Pavé Tile has the essential ties to receive the best French limestone from the most reputable quarries in France. Generations deep, these quarries use the latest in sophisticated techniques and equipment to distress numerous textures using virgin limestone to resemble 18th century pavers.


Service and Knowledge Catering to the Architect, Designer, Builder and Homeowner

We strive to provide the Architect, Designer, Builder and Homeowner the service, trust and in-depth knowledge for sourcing European building materials. Manufacturing all of our own decorative tile collections and vintage wide plank oak flooring in Massachusetts helps us to achieve the ETA, quality control and convenience you seek when building a fine home.

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About Pavé Tile

French and American husband and wife team, François and Emmi Micallef opened Pavé in 2000.   Fall 2014 we will open a flagship showroom 90 minutes west of Boston.  We are located in the Pioneer Valley, an enclave of artists, fine restaurants, and 5 colleges including Smith, Amherst and Mount Holyoke as well as just west of the Berkshires, Tanglewood and Jacob's Pillow.  Our French oak pre-finished flooring including herringbone, chevron, wide-plank and band-saw finshes in a variety of colors will be on display as well as our expanded Delft Tile Collection, Cuisine de Monet, our decorative European terra cotta flooring as well as are up-coming vintage subway tile collection and On the Road to Florence tile collection which will be pattern and as well as solid color ways.  Installed as well will be Pavé's Vieux Monde French Limestone flooring collection including Dalle de Bourgogne and Pavé's French Reclaimed terra cotta tile pavers.  We design, glaze, age and kiln fire all our decorative tiles and wood flooring in the same facility as shared with our showroom.  The raw material is either French, Italian or Spanish in provenance, the craftmanship is based on European technique, all tile designs are hand painted originals by Emmi Micallef and all product is fabricated by us at Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc.